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During the consultation process one of our Certified Staging Professionals conducts an extensive assessment of the property with meticulous attention to detail and a “buyers’ eye”.

Throughout the meeting with the Homeowners, we familiarize ourselves with the house and ascertain the demographics in the neighbourhood to determine who the “ideal buyer” for the property is likely to be. From there, we develop a buyer profile determining age range, gender, family dynamics, family size and lifestyle preferences. By determining these key factors we are able to custom tailor a staging plan utilizing our proven methods geared to that “ideal buyer”.

The consultant prepares the homeowner for the next steps required to get their property ready to list. We identify areas of concern, provide recommendations and suggestions on how to best market the property and make it appealing to a wide variety of buyers.

In working together as a team with the Agent, the Homeowner and the Staging Professional we are able to generate a list of needs of the home, prioritize the most critical issues and the top improvements to increase the Homeowners’ return on investment (ROI).

During the consultation Hope Designs will recommend paint colours, furniture placement, necessary upgrades such as flooring, lighting, and if required refer trades people for minor repairs to expedite the sale of the property.

We encourage Homeowners to take notes, we also utilize our exclusive “Ready to List” comprehensive guide.

You can complete the recommended projects yourself, or our Staging Team at Hope Designs can manage the entire project. We collaborate with a list of preferred vendors and skilled trades people who are available to assist.

We will provide assistance with de-cluttering, packing, carpet cleaning, window washing, cleaning services, moving furniture, and referrals to trades people for painting, minor renovations and repair work necessary to get your home in exceptional shape and ready to list. Hope Designs carries a full selection of home accessories and available home furnishings to showcase your home to its fullest potential.

The HD team can quickly and effectively prepare your home for sale. 99% of the time your home is ready to list in 7 to 10 days.

Imagine all the tasks that need to be completed to get a home staging job done. Depending on how in-depth your staging job needs to be, you could be dealing with a plethora of trades and services, including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, floor installers, kitchen cabinet professionals, landscapers, painters, etc.

You get the picture.

Now imagine how much effort and know-how it would take to find the right people, co-ordinate all these tasks in the right order, always be on site to make sure the job is getting done, and constantly checking the work to ensure it’s done properly.

Most home owners don’t have that kind of time, nor that kind of experience.

At Hope Designs, we take care of all the trade hiring and task scheduling on your behalf, and will always keep your budget at the forefront. It’s one thing to get a few suggestions from a Toronto home stager regarding what should be done to your property to make it more attractive to home buyers so you can sell it quickly and for top dollar. It’s quite another to have a professional stager go above and beyond making suggestions, and actually bringing such recommendations to life.

At Hope Designs, we’ll manage every step of the home staging job, from the initial home consultation, to the project management, to the finished project.

All you’ll be left with is a professionally staged home that will be sure to dazzle your buyers and bring the offers to the table!

In the GTA Real Estate Industry Hope Designs has a reputation for proven results our stats prove it and our results speak for themselves!

Hope Designs staging stats for the year 2013: properties staged by Hope Designs sold on average within 9 days on the market for an average of 103% of list price.

Staging is all about capturing the buyers attention, Hope Designs creates the ideal vision designed to evoke an emotional connection that is unique, memorable and a magnet for the target buyer.

At Hope Designs we often compare staging your home using the analogy of preparing yourself for a blind date, it’s a scary proposition isn’t it? When preparing for a blind date you will need to select your best outfit, pick matching accessories, put on your makeup and meticulously analyze yourself for that all important first impression.

In essence, you are staging yourself for that initial meeting. Whether it’s in the decisions you make on what to wear or how to present yourself, it all determines the outcome. In the same way you’re presenting yourself to your blind date, Hope Designs replicates a similar process to enhance the best elements of your home.

Working with the Homeowner’s furnishings, art and accessories, our professional Stagers will address the layout, function and flow of the rooms with an emphasis placed on maximizing the selling potential of the property. If necessary, additional furnishings and accessories will be rented in order to complete the Staging Design.

We have licensed contractors who understand how time sensitive home staging projects are. Staging allows buyers to envision their future in the home and within seconds can visualize themselves living there.

What makes us stand out from the competition?
-Knowledge of demographics
-Skilled at designing for the proven market demographics

A home staged by Hope Designs has that “Wow” factor.
We expertly stage homes to achieve the highest return on investment in the shortest period of time.

Our years of experience coupled with our design background enables us to create inviting spaces in an otherwise unappealing, stark environment. Buyers are unable to visualize the function, size or dimensions of a vacant space. Therefore, buyers will omit viewing your property and move on to the next listing that shows well on the MLS.

Hope Designs is known for creating inviting, interesting and appealing spaces that generate an emotional connection that buyers will fall in love with. Our goal is to establish immediate buyer interest on printed materials and the MLS, ensuring your property is on every buyers must see list. This equates to an increase in scheduled showings, motivated buyers and firm offers over non-staged properties.

The exterior of your home is extremely important and can make the difference between FOR SALE and SOLD. Hope Designs will assist you in choosing the perfect colour combinations for your homes exterior. Give buyers a reason to tour through your home. Simple cost effective upgrades will yield a high return on investment.

A few minor changes or accents will make a considerable change in your homes overall first impression. We recommend painting the front door, shutters, trim, garage door and updating exterior lighting. Potential buyers don’t want to buy a property that looks like it needs work. If your yard needs some attention, or the outside of the house needs small repairs, homebuyers are going to think your house comes with a lot of effort and upkeep. Don’t give buyers any excuses to pass your house by.

If you find yourself overwhelmed after moving in to your new home we are here to help. Hope Designs will work with you to help unpack boxes, reposition your furniture, select paint colours, source new furniture and accessories to make your new house feel like home.
Make Hope Designs part of your winning team – make your “Just Listed” inventory turn into “SOLD” properties!

Hope Designs has a proven track record with the knowledge and expertise to get your listings SOLD.
We provide our real estate professionals with specialized packages that include consultation/staging combination programs as well as preferred pricing for realtors.

Improved marketability of a home doesn’t require a large expense, but it should be viewed as a wise decision to attain the maximum return on investment. We expertly stage homes to achieve the highest ROI in the shortest period of time.

A savvy realtor can use a professional consultation from Hope Designs to market a lucrative listing and seal the deal. Our staging experience, knowledge and creativity will deliver a “Win-Win” for you and your clients. As a courtesy, Hope Designs will provide your clients with a simple guide on “How to List and Prepare your Home For Sale”.

Hope Designs also specializes in Interior Decorating – what a great way to thank clients for their business! Keep your business in your clients’ minds by handing them a gift certificate to enhance their new living space. This serves realtors in their ongoing efforts to retain and build upon the existing clientele. At Hope Designs our goal is to be part of your winning strategy.

*Hope Designs is a bonded and insured Real Estate Staging company. For your clients piece of mind we carry $2,000,000 in liability insurance.

From conception to completion we will see the job through, so that your model homes and presentation centres are showcased to perfection.