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Listing a home for sale that’s vacant is somewhat like hanging a blank canvas on a wall: there’s really little to look at to impress any prospective buyers that may visit your property.

The reality is, you want to make sure your home is sold in as little time as possible, for as much money as possible. But in order for that to happen, you really have to take the time and make the effort to showcase your home in the best light possible through vacant home staging. When it comes to buying homes, buyers really need some help in visualizing what a space can look like, how it can be used, and how it would suit other homebuyer hopefuls.

But if the home is vacant, they really have nothing to go on. That’s why it’s critical that you hire a vacant home staging expert to help buyers see how the home can be set up to its highest and best use. Buyers are notorious for having trouble imagining what empty homes can look like if they had furnished and decorated themselves; vacant home staging essentially presents the home’s decor and lifestyle on a silver platter for them, which in turn will encourage them to take the next step and put in that highly coveted offer!

Did you know that buyers will make a decision about what they think about a home in as little as 6 seconds? That’s not a lot of time to impress your buyers. It’s not uncommon for homebuyers to turn around and leave properties without barely even going much further than the front entrance. If they don’t like what they see from the get-go, they are more inclined to write your home off their list.

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Vacant Home Staging: Creating a Great First Impression

You don’t have much time to waste when it comes to setting a first impression with buyers, so you need to do what you can to get their attention and make sure their first impression is a positive one. Vacant home staging can be extremely helpful in this situation.

As buyers meander through each room in a home, how will they supposed to know what each space is designated for if there is absolutely no furniture in there to showcase these functions? How will they know what types of furniture would fit in the spaces, and how the arrangements can be configured? Homebuyers need a little help in this department, and staging your vacant home with furniture and accessories can give buyers exactly what they’re looking for, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for!

Consider the following reasons why trying to sell your home while it’s vacant is a bad idea:

Consider the following reasons why trying to sell your home while it’s vacant is a bad idea:

Buyers Will Lose Their Emotional Connection

People aren’t just buying homes; they’re buying lifestyles. Buying a house is an expensive purchase, and therefore is a huge buying decision for most people. It’s got to feel right for them. They really do need to fall in love with a home and feel an emotional connection with it. That’s really the true goal of vacant home staging.

Sellers need to successfully connect with the buyer’s emotions to entice them to put in an offer, which isn’t exactly what vacant homes are known for. A vacant home feels lifeless and boring, and for this reason, the emotional connection is lost.

Flaws Are Highlighted

If there are any flaws in your home, you’ll just magnify them if you leave the place vacant. If the floors, walls, and ceilings are the only things people are looking at, buyers will be more prone to find even the smallest negative aspects of the space. When the home is furnished and decorated, their eyes are kept busy, which essentially helps to divert their attention away from any flaws in your home, including scratches, chipped tiles, nail holes, and so forth.

There’s No Point of Reference

Compared to other homes that are staged well, vacant homes don’t sell as quickly. That’s because buyers are typically not certain if the function of the rooms are suitable for their specific daily routines. This is particularly true for homes that are on the smaller side, or those with odd layouts. Failure to furnish your home will leave buyers confused about whether or not the rooms match their needs.

Empty Homes Don’t Show Well

Simply put, vacant houses just don’t show well. With all the other listings on the market that are competing with yours to grab buyers’ attention, you need to make it show well. And furnishing it properly is the best way to do just that. If not, your home just might sit on the market for a lot longer than you would have hoped, making it stale and less likely to sell at the price point you want.

Vacant Home Staging Toronto experts will come into your home and assess what it needs to attract the buyers that are looking in your neighbourhood. They will analyze the type of buyers that are looking in your area, and will tailor the furnishings and decor according to what this demographic wants.

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Remember: what you are essentially selling is a lifestyle. What your vacant home staging professional recommends is what the masses of buyers in your neighbourhood want, not necessarily what you would want.

It’s not about pleasing your tastes and needs; instead, it is about pleasing the tastes of the homebuyers out there who may soon look to your home as the place that they decide to put an offer in on. The money that you would be spending on this type of staging will definitely come back to you, and then some. In fact, staged homes are known to command much higher offer prices compared to those that aren’t.

Vacant home staging is an excellent investment that can help you sell your home faster and for a lot more money. It has been proven to be a highly effective marketing tool that can realistically put more money in your pocket. However, not staging your vacant home can do quite the opposite – you can lose out on big money, and cause your home’s listing to linger for longer than it should.

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