Project Management | Home Staging & Interior Decorating

Whether you’re staging your home for sale, or are planning on undertaking an Interior Decorating Toronto job or renovations in your home, managing the process from start to finish can be a stressful process.

Depending how in-depth the job is, having to deal with the overall planning, trades, scheduling, communication and financial management is a complex mix that the average home owner would no doubt be completely overwhelmed with.

Throw in all the different people that need to be a part of the job, as well as the decision about what order the task need to be in, and it’s easy to see how the entire project can turn into a total disaster.

Keeping your renovation, home staging or interior decorating project running smoothly and within the specified time constraints requires a clear vision of what needs to be done, as well as experienced project management skills.

That’s where Hope Designs stands out from the competition.

Rather than just giving you our advice and suggestions about what needs to be done we take things a step further by taking the reigns for you so you don’t have to manage a complex project that’s out of your scope.

Here are just a handful of details involved in the project management process to ensure the job is conducted seamlessly, on time, and within budget:

  • Project and site planning
  • Identifying the types of experts needed for the project
  • Hiring and outsourcing the right tradespeople
  • Coordinating and managing tradespeople
  • Managing any problems and troubleshooting
  • Being on site on a regular basis to oversee tradespeople and make sure they’re doing what is required
  • Ensuring the tasks are scheduled and completed in the proper order
  • Ensuring the project stays with the specified financial constraints
  • Ensuring the arrival of all items so they’re on-site when needed

At Hope Designs, we have the proven capabilities to oversee your entire renovation, home staging or interior decorating project from start to finish.

Let us lower your stress and anxiety levels, while exceeding your expectations on your upcoming home project.