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Calling all real estate investors and house flippers! When you purchase a piece of property in hopes of flipping it shortly after renovations are made, or even selling after holding onto the property for a few years, you’re likely sinking quite a bit of money into the investment.

Real estate doesn’t come cheap. In addition to coming up with your own down payment, you’re likely also leveraging a lot of money as well in order to finance the purchase – and that comes with interest. It’s a big investment, and an expensive one at that. But the returns after you sell your property can be well worth the initial amount you invest. Few other types of investments can yield as much of a return as real estate can.

After all the work you put into finding the property, renting it out, or fixing it for a quick profit once you find a buyer, it makes sense to make sure that you don’t cut corners in order to maximize your profits. But in reality, you’re potentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table if you don’t consider home staging for real estate investors before selling it. After all the effort and time that you put into making the property ready for the market, you’d be doing yourself an injustice by not having it professionally staged first.

Leaving the property either vacant, or improperly furnished and decorated can actually hurt your sale, and leave you with a lot less money that the place could have generated for you. Without home staging for real estate investors, you’re significantly reducing the property’s full profit potential.

Consider the following reasons why it’s a bad idea to neglect home staging for real estate investors before selling it:

Home Staging – Real Estate Investors and House Flippers by Hope Designs Toronto Home Staging featured en-suite bathroom 72 Concord Ave Toronto

People buy homes, not just 4 walls

When buyers are on the market to purchase a property, they’re not just buying the actual building structure; they’re also buying a home, or a lifestyle. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the home, and need to make an emotional connection with the place. Without that, they likely will not have the incentive to put in an offer.

Real estate is expensive, and a costly investment. As such, buyers will only put down the money needed to make such a purchase if they fall in love with the home. But if home staging for real estate investors isn’t part of the listing process, you could be left with a stale listing, and one that simply won’t command the big bucks.

Buyers aren’t able to visualize how the place can be effectively used

It’s tough for the majority of buyers to see what a place can potentially look like if it has not included home staging for real estate investors. Whether the property is vacant or is simply not furnished appropriately, buyers will not be able to visualize what the place can realistically look like.

They need to be given a solid visual of the property’s highest and best use, and home staging for real estate investors can do just that. Home staging services essentially serve the property to buyers on a silver platter so they don’t have to use any effort or creativity to imagine what they could be buying.

Buyers need a point of reference

Is it a living room or a dining room? Is it an office or a fourth bedroom? Buyers need to be able to see how each room in a home functions, and the only way they’ll be able to do that is if they are presented with a space that is already furnished properly.

Professional home staging for real estate investors will provide that point of reference for buyers, so they can not only see how a space functions, but also to more accurately judge the size of the rooms. Properly furnished rooms can also help a space look larger, which is always a good thing when trying to impress buyers.

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Vacant spaces will just highlight any flaws that may be present

If the property you plan on selling is vacant, or has the bare minimum in furnishing, any flaws that might be present will be unnecessarily highlighted. A missing electrical outlet cover, a crack in the tile, a stain on the carpet, or a mark on the wall will all be magnified in a vacant space. That’s because there is absolutely nothing else to distract buyers. There’s nothing for them to focus on. Professional home staging for real estate investors is an absolute must when trying to showcase the property in the best light possible.

Home Staging – Real Estate Investors: Sell for top dollar and fast!

Studies have shown that properties that have been professionally staged by an expert are able to command more money at the negotiating table, and are able to sell a lot faster.

The benefits of selling for more money are obvious. But selling faster may have other benefits you may not have thought of.

Obviously, the faster the property sells, the less effort you have to put into marketing your listing. You’ll also be saving a lot more money in carrying costs as well. But in addition to these benefits, you’ll also be preventing a “stale” listing.

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The longer a property sits on the market, the staler it gets. Buyers will automatically perceive a property that’s been lingering on the market as a problem property; They may start to wonder why the property still hasn’t sold. Is there something wrong with it? Other than the fact that it has not used professional home staging for real estate investors, there’s probably nothing wrong with the place. But that’s not what buyers might think.

As more and more buyers assume there’s an issue with the property, fewer showings are booked, and no offers are coming in. At this point, it may be necessary to reduce the listing price just to get some attention again. But doing that means you’ll be walking away with less money.

Rather than take that chance, you should make sure that the listing is done properly from the get-go, and that includes using professional home staging for real estate investors. You’ll sell faster, and walk away with more money in your pocket!

At Hope Designs, we’ve got plenty of experience with home staging for real estate investors. Let us help you present your property in the best possible light so you can generate the highest ROI possible!

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